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Sinclair Research Limited was founded by Sir Clive Sinclair in the 1960s to take advantage of a boon in home electronics and the desire to bring electronics projects to the masses.

Although most notable for its computers, Sinclair started off by selling small projects for people to build at home, including amplifiers and radio kits.  Sinclair (then known as Sinclair Radionics Limited) released their first calculator in 1972 - the Executive, which was considerably slimmer than any others on the market at the time.

During the period 1972-1978, Sinclair released just under 30 different calculators, including one built into a wrist watch, sold under the name Sinclair Instruments Limited.

The range included:

  • Cambridge Calculator type 1 (has keys [C] and [K])
  • Cambridge Calculator type 2 (has keys [C] and [CE])
  • Cambridge Calculator type 3 (has keys [C/CE] and [K])
  • Cambridge Calculator type 4 (has keys [C], [CE], and [%]
  • Cambridge Calculator Memory type 1 (has keys [C/CE] and [RM/CM]
  • Cambridge Calculator Memory type 2 (has keys [C/CE], [RM/CM] and [%])
  • Cambridge Calculator Memory type 3 (has keys [M],  [C/CE] and [%])
  • Cambridge Programmable Calculator
  • Cambridge Scientific Calculator
  • Cambridge Universal Calculator
  • Enterprise Calculator
  • Enterprise Programmable Calculator
  • Executive Calculator (two versions)
  • Executive Memory Calculator
  • Oxford 100 (LED)
  • Oxford 150 (LED)
  • Oxford 200 (LED & Fluorescent)
  • Oxford 300 (LED & Fluorescent)
  • Oxford Scientific Calculator
  • Oxford Universal Calculator
  • President Calculator
  • President Scientific Calculator
  • Radionic Calculator
  • Scientific and Giant Scientific Calculator
  • Scientific Programmable Calculator
  • Sovereign Calculator
  • The Sporting Life SETTLER Calculator
  • Wrist Calculator (two versions)
  • Gillette GPA Calculator
  • Radio Shack EC-4001 Calculator

The pocket calculator proved a huge success for Sinclair.  However, when the Japanese started to produce reliable, smaller, low cost LCD calculators which had lower power consumption and easier to read displays than the older LED type used by Sinclair, this was the end of the Sinclair Calculator range.

Luckily the company took the decision to move into computers - another great success!




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