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The Enterprise home computer was a Z80 based machine released by Intelligent Software in 1984, with two variants - the Enterprise 64 with 64K RAM and the Enterprise 128 with 128K RAM.

It had a built in operating system (EXOS) as well as a built in screen editor, word-processor and BASIC.

The memory could be expanded up to 4MB and the machine was built into a large case with full sized keyboard, built-in joystick and programmable function keys.

The machine also had various graphics mode, supporting up to 256 colours (at 80 x 256), 16 colours (320x256), 4 colours and 2 colours at a maximum resolution of 640x512.

Built in sound chips, RGB output, RS232/RS423 serial port, centronics printer port, external joystick ports, cassette interfaces and ROM cartrdge slots made this machine easily adaptable to your needs.  You could even use a ZX Spectrum emulator ROM cartridge to allow you to use ZX Spectrum software with the machine.

Unfortunately, it is believed only 80,000 units were made - with 20,000 of them being shipped to Hungary, where a large user base still exists today.

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