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Favorilerime ekle Dual Floppy drive set for DD and HD disks (for QL, BBC, ZX Spectrum and more)

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Eindhoven, Netherlands
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9 gün, 04h:26m:34s
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V***y (3)
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£62.50 Hemen al!
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9 (Geçmişi gör)
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OlumluOlumlu m***5 (2) Very good seller.Works perfectly and received very soon. 5/5 22/02/2017 15:28:28
OlumluOlumlu q***r (5) Very solid and nicely made. Great service. Thanks. 08/12/2016 16:31:53
OlumluOlumlu h***n (14) Excellent service, arrived safe and sound. Thank you very much 07/07/2016 21:11:24

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Sabit fiyat: £62.50
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This offer is for a

Dual Floppydrive set

for any retrocomputer
with Shugart compatible disk interface


Such as:
ZX Spectrum with PlusD / PlusDlite / Disciple / Betadisk
Sinclair QL with Gold Card, Trump Card, etc.
Other machines like BBC etc.

Contains two floppydrives
These have been configured for Shugart pinout.
Will function as PC HD floppydrives on interfaces that support this.
Will function perfectly as DD (Double Density) drives when DD floppies are used.

Comes with fixed floppydrive cable and external power supply

The power supply is of EU / UK or US type: version corresponding to your country will be shipped.


Manually crafted!


Pinout according to the Shugart standard:

– Pin 10: Drive select 0
– Pin 12: Drive select 1
– Pin 14: Drive select 2
– Pin 16: Motor on


 It is not advised to use HD floppies as DD floppies 

as they're made of different magnetic materials.

So use real DD floppies.



The enclosure is not intented to be opened or changed.





 Example on a ZX Spectrum with PlusDlite disk interface:


Resim galerisi

  • Dual Floppy drive set for DD and HD disks (for QL, BBC, ZX Spectrum and more)

Questions and Answers

  • Soru: I have a Sandy Qboard issue 1 (1986) with floppy & paralel ports.Can you tell my if they are compatible? Thanks !

    Gönderen m***5 (2) - 12/01/2017 00:07:12

    Cevap: Yes, all QL Sandy disk interfaces are Shugart compatible, so will work with this Dual Floppy Drive solution

  • Soru: Will this work on a Dragon 32 with dragon dos card?

    Gönderen r***4 (1) - 11/02/2016 22:02:11

    Cevap: If you have some documentation about that, I can verify if it is compatible.

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Item Location:
Eindhoven, Netherlands
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  • Alıcı Netherlands :
  • First Class Signed For : £13.50 For initial item, £7.00 Per additional item
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  • Intl Signed For : £19.50 For initial item, £10.00 Per additional item
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  • Intl Signed For : £24.00 For initial item, £12.00 Per additional item
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